Changing Streams is composed of individuals from a huge variety of backgrounds


“A crisis is a great opportunity to break the mould, to rapidly test new ways of producing, working and consuming.”

“Let’s not waste it.” 

Wayne Visser

Changing Streams is composed of individuals from a huge variety of backgrounds.

Whether you’re the CEO of a major international company, a retired person or looking for work you can rest assured we will make you feel welcome because we need  you as an individual rather than solely as the representative of a company or organisation if we’re going to eradicate single-use plastic from our society.

If you’re able to join as a fully-paid up member of Changing Streams then we have a number of membership levels that might be relevant to you.

If that’s not possible we need you to support our vision and values which are outlined in the Changing Streams Charter and we’d urge you to consider wherever possible how you and your family can reduce the amount of plastic in your lives, particularly when considering new purchases.

When you stop and think about the sheer volume of plastic in everyday products, let alone packaging, it’s a huge undertaking but unless we actively consider alternatives and encourage others to do the same we’re not going to break the mould, as Wayne Visser says.

The other really useful thing you can do is to sign up to our newsletter to keep in touch with news and developments in the Changing Streams world. Share it with friends and colleagues and maybe work out ways in which you can raise awareness among your social circles, follow and share our content on social media and perhaps most importantly  share your ideas with us about how to eradicate plastic from the world, starting with the built environment.

Our founder Neal Maxwell had spent 30 years running his business in Liverpool and had never given a moment’s thought to plastic pollution until he visited the Arctic Circle two years ago. He was so appalled by the devastation plastic was wreaking on the animal life and the surrounding environment that when he returned home he approached the University of Liverpool and very quickly Changing Streams became a reality. Join Neal and hundreds of others who share the same sense of opportunity: that now, more than ever, is a time when we can bring about substantive change. Together, we’ll make the difference.