Working together we can help stop plastic becoming the asbestos of the future


If you’re in the manufacturing sector and serve the building industry we’ll help you source materials and tools with no – or reduced – plastic content. We’re on the look-out for forward thinking companies to work with us in our mission to reduce and ultimately to eradicate plastics in the built environment.

Working together we can help stop plastic becoming the asbestos of the future.

What we are doing

The building industry is the second biggest user of plastic after the packaging sector so a change of direction by starting to identify and sourcing non-plastic alternatives to building materials is long overdue. Our main academic partners, the University of Liverpool, have implemented a number of exciting plans to establish a Research Centre which will investigate non-plastic alternatives in building materials, tools and systems as they directly apply to that sector. We will then make the fruits of their work available to our members to achieve our vision of a plastic-free world.

What’s in it for you?

Should you decide to get involved with Changing Streams – and obviously we hope you will – it’s because you represent a forward-thinking manufacturer which values the environment and understands that we as a society cannot just simply go on doing what we’ve always done and continue to pollute the world and destroy the world for our children and grandchildren.

So joining Changing Streams enables you to:

  • Future proof your business for the new environmentally aware clients, both public and private
  • Evidence your corporate social responsibility
  • Achieve sustainable development goals set out by the United Nations
  • Differentiate yourself in the market
  • Help your directors comply with their statutory duties under section 172(1)(d) of the Companies Act 2006

To achieve these aims we have a created a number of strategies many of which are funded from the utilization of R&D tax credits from companies like yours in order to drive research into the use of non-plastic materials. We will use the expertise of our members and partners to share this knowledge with our members

We may also be able to help you maximise your cash flow – we can help you achieve this via our specialist R&D tax partner/adviser who can work with you to establish whether you will qualify for R&D tax relief through your involvement with Changing Streams in the following areas:

  • Tooling and equipment design and development
  • Prototyping, including designing, constructing and developing products
  • 3D modelling and design simulations
  • Evaluating and determining the most efficient material profile for products and processes
  • Streamlining manufacturing processes through automation
  • Integrating materials to improve product performance
  • Developing novel and innovative control programs
  • Development of second and third generation products
  • Scaling up of production processes
  • Shop floor automation
  • Remote diagnostics and IoT (Internet of Things) applications
  • Preventative maintenance sentinels
  • ERP and MRP functionality
  • 3D training manuals
  • Real-time factory to back office integrations
  • Supply chain portal development

What you can do now?

Join Changing Streams!

Depending on your membership level all money raised will go towards our mission of eradicating plastics in the built environment and associated industries such as the manufacturing sector to enhancing our research facility within the University of Liverpool and other partners through research, innovation and data gathering.

Working collaboratively with industry and higher education institutions from around the world we are developing an extensive database of products currently used or available in practice to identify the plastic content of these products.

We will also be simultaneously with manufacturers to carry out more research into how their products and systems can become plastic-free or at the very least consume less plastic.

We’re also working with pension funds, REIT’s, developers and anyone involved in the built environment to create tools to help industry select products containing less or no plastic.

The money raised from your subscription fee will also go towards support for the supply chain to develop innovative new products and materials that reduce plastic content in order to help you support your commitment to our charter.

Changing Streams will also support you in your workplace to source alternatives to plastic along your supply chains, offering advice with your procurement procedures and linking you up with other Changing Streams partners and supporters throughout our networks. We will be holding Changing Streams workshops online and, when the current COVID19 crisis abates, in workplaces to raise awareness of our work and offer practical support to organisations who share our goals and values.

We’re particularly keen to hear your ideas and hear about your projects – we aim to be as inclusive as possible so email  and sign up to – and please contribute to – our monthly newsletter to keep abreast of developments.