Working together we can help stop plastic becoming the asbestos of the future

Professional Services

The Professional Services Sector has an extremely broad reach. At some stage in their development businesses will need to take advice from lawyers, accountants, surveyors, architects and bankers.

How can Professionals help Changing Streams to deliver its message?

The influence that professionals have over companies and their directors and employees should not be underestimated. Why not use this influence to good effect by encouraging your clients and indeed your own professional business to adopt a zero tolerance policy to the use of plastic in the workplace.

How should you influence your clients?

By leading by example.

Establish good working practices within your office. Every small step assists so if you have drink dispensing machines, use paper or cardboard cups and encourage staff to bring their own non-plastic cups for use in the office. Eliminate plastic containers if you have in-house catering facilities. If you have pens with your logo on, use metal rather than plastic pens. Make your clients aware of your policies and suggest they act in a similar manner regardless of the sector in which they operate.

Refer them to the Changing Streams website and particularly the tips for a plastic – free July so they can continue their eco-friendly policies at home as well as in the workplace.

By becoming a member of Changing Streams and encouraging your clients to join.

It behoves us for the benefit of future generations, to do as much as we can to eradicate plastic at source to protect the oceans, the surrounding environment and wildlife. Just stop and think about the sheer volume of plastic in everyday products and packaging. We need to find alternatives and encourage others to do the same if we are going to break the mould. Research needs funding which is how your membership subscription will help.

Membership is evidence of your Corporate Social Responsibility and helps to achieve the sustainable development goals set out by the United Nations. We are developing a programme of innovation, much of which is funded from the utilisation of R & D tax credits.

The Building and Construction Industry.

This sector is the initial primary focus for Changing Streams. It is the second biggest user of plastic, second only to the packaging sector. The probability is that within your client base there are many companies for whom you act that are involved in some way in the construction industry or built environment. Without breaching data protection, you can introduce Changing Streams to such clients so we can inform them of the research we are conducting alongside the University of Liverpool and other research partners, and recommend to them how they can make a difference by joining us in our quest.

Changing Streams will develop interactive tools to support contractors, architects and designers, surveyors and anyone involved with commissioning buildings to understand and identify the extent of plastics as a component in building materials and in associated functions in the industry.

Changing Streams will actively support research and development and use of sustainable alternatives to current plastic components in building and will encourage dissemination of information about these.

The money raised from membership subscription income will also go towards support for the supply chain to develop new innovative products and materials that reduce plastic content in order to help you support your commitment to our Charter.