Regenerative Coaching

Regenerative Coaching

Regenerative coaching to unlock your potential and transform the way you work

Sustainability is key to the way we lead, manage and run our businesses. Is your company focused on working towards net zero, reducing your carbon footprint, reducing waste and plastic pollution? Do you want to align your business more closely with ESG and the UN Sustainable Development Goals?

So how can you best ensure that your people are empowered, and resilient in how your business achieves its sustainability goals?

The Changing Streams CARE coaching programme helps leaders and individuals to develop a regenerative mindset, enabling you to move to the next level of sustainability. This powerful method will bring about a critical psychological shift in awareness, mindset and behaviour to achieve your most
challenging goals, and maintain sustainable resilience.

The Changing Streams CARE coaching programme will equip your people with the vital skills they need to engage and empower others to drive change.

Changing the way your people work sustainably with CARE

Regenerative coaching to unlock your potential to transform the way your people work. Business as usual is no longer enough. Sustainability needs to go further.

  • Changing sustainability: empowering individuals to practice active hope and resilience in the face of the climate and ecological crisis.
  • Changing relationships: connect more deeply with others, the whole organisation, the supply chain and the environment to transform, support and sustain our relationships
  • Changing work: align work with deeper meaning, supporting the wellbeing and effectiveness of your people.

Programme Outline

A personalised coaching programme towards a better way of working

  • Goal setting in a sustainable environment – Review your personal assessment -Individual Strategy Plan
  • Courage to empower work with value and meaning – Clarify your core values, meaning and goals – Align your work with your important values and meaning
  • Authenticity to align with your true self – Identifying your authentic self, blockages, and seeing with new eyes – Developing a wider sense of self and others
  • Respect for & understanding others – Connect more deeply with others and the environment – Transforming working relationships
  • Empathy, self-kindness, and kindness for others – Understanding empathy and emotions and practising kindness – Developing a regenerative mindset
  • Revisit your goals and motivation – Review and revisit your goals and how to stay on track
  • Personalised action plan – Create a personalised action plan and the next steps

Over to you

Each project can be designed to suit your business’s specific needs, strengthening the resilience of your business and people as you work to achieve your sustainability targets. Contact us for an initial discovery meeting to discuss your requirements and interest.