A key part of our service offering provides ground-breaking research that enables businesses and individuals working within construction to reduce plastic waste and pollution’s harmful impacts and align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Education and Engagement

At Changing Streams, our education and engagement programme focuses on bringing plastic into the net zero carbon agenda and reducing plastic pollution.

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Influencing Policy Change

We are particularly keen to engage with policy-makers in international, regional and local governments to work together to reduce plastic and carbon, starting with the built environment.

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We recognise that sustainability is critical to the future of construction, people, and the environment we call home. One of the ways we support businesses to become more sustainable is by acting as trusted advisors or consultants in this field.

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At Changing Streams, we aim to help companies in the built environment to design & build in planet-friendly ways which use less plastic and carbon, thereby becoming more sustainably resilient.


Join us to improve the sustainable resilience of your company and reduce the destructive effect that plastic is having on the environment and numerous species with which we cohabit the planet, and actively engage with us.

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Latest news

Changing Streams is committed to keeping our supporters up to date with developments in addressing the ‘plastic pandemic’. Here you can find our latest news stories, as well as updates on new developments and innovations elsewhere.