Help us STOP plastics becoming the
asbestos of the future

Time to make a change

Our charter

Changing Streams has been created as a not for profit organisation with the sole intention of leading process change with the aim of eliminating the use of Plastic in Industry. Changing Streams is fully committed to the principles of Sustainable Procurement.

Everyone who either lives, studies, works or plays in a building has a responsibility to take action. This collective responsibility can, and will drive change.

Changing Streams will work actively, and in partnership, with supply chains and their trade associations to capitalise on industry’s enterprise and innovation. In this context signatories agree to apply sustainable procurement as a process whereby organisations meet their needs for goods, services, works and utilities in a way that minimizes the use of plastics and the adverse impacts it has on the environment and society.

Our aim is to eradicate plastic through: –

  • Sourcing alternative materials whilst understanding the wider impact on the environment
  • Introducing performance criteria to improve the processes
  • Providing tools needed to achieve this
  • Educating the supply chain
  • Sharing best practice

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