Join us in our mission to eradication of the use of plastic on a global scale


Changing Streams is a not for profit company established to deliver significant environmental change.

Our Objectives

Starting with the construction and associated industries, our aim is the eradication of the use of plastic on a global scale.

By becoming a member of Changing Streams you will help us to raise awareness of the global plastic problem and to fund research into the development of  environmentally friendly alternatives to ensure a better future for the generations following.

How will we do this?

We will work with other industry groups to assist in lobbying the private and public sectors to facilitate policy change which will move the construction sector towards a plastic-free world. We will:

  • Actively research and support the development and use of sustainable alternatives to current plastic components in building 
  • Encourage dissemination of information about these alternatives
  • Develop a knowledge platform to identify both materials in use which contain plastic and currently available alternative materials 
  • Actively encourage members to support and engage in this research
  • Identify partners to work in the development of sustainable alternatives to plastic
  • Work proactively to develop funding streams to support the commercialisation of such research
  • Develop pathways to assess and implement use in appropriate applications in the construction industry
  • Develop workshops to raise awareness regarding the use and implications of plastic in the ecosystem.

Why join?

Collaboration works. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. If your vision of the future is similar to ours, together we will have more influence.

Benefits of Membership

  • Influencing Policy at Local and National Government level to support the reduction of plastic usage in the construction sector and associated industries
  • Developing interactive tools to support those working in the construction sector to understand and identify the extent of plastic used in buildings
  • Driving plastic reduction practices to demonstrate to businesses how plastic usage can be substantially reduced
  • Researching sustainable alternatives to plastics and disseminate the findings to the sector
  • Developing through member networking events, the sharing of best practice and knowledge obtained, a portal which will provide access to market intelligence and technical advice
  • Taking advantage of opportunities for discounted consultancy services by key members of the Changing Streams team
  • Being given access to endorsed accredited training and technical webinars run by specialists in the field hosted by Changing Streams
  • Benchmarking your own plastic usage against the Changing Streams framework
  • Developing a bespoke individual action plan to reduce plastic use annually
  • Attending a series of themed expert workshops to help members to eradicate or dramatically reduce their plastic use – there will be a charge to cover overheads
  • Accessing resources, expert webinars, and a network of sector experts
  • Facilitating and sharing of best practice and knowledge exchange across member businesses 
  • Sharing market intelligence and specialist area reports / access to specialists for advice
  • Accessing thought leadership articles from key influencers and attending breakfast meetings on specific topics with specialist invited speakers
  • Receiving regular e-bulletins providing intelligence, information and policy updates on reducing plastic use in the construction industry
  • Receiving the annual Changing Streams report summarising members’ plastic reduction activities

What is the cost of becoming a member of Changing Streams?

This is determined by turnover. Membership is open to individuals and companies. The current annual subscription figures are set out in the table below.

0 – £500k£250
£501k – £2.5m£750
£2.5m – £10m£1500
£10m – £25m£3000
£25m – £50m£5000
£50m +£7500

All prices subject to VAT

Contact us today to join us on our exciting journey to ensure that plastic is not the asbestos of the future.