Join us in our mission to significantly reduce the use of plastic on a global scale


Society is now more aware than ever about the damage we are inflicting upon the world in which we live.

Plastic is everywhere. After packaging, the construction industry is the biggest polluter of our environment and our oceans in particular.

We learnt too late about the damage asbestos did. We know about the damage plastic is doing. Act now, before it is too late.

JOIN US in our mission through research and development to eradicate plastic at source. Rather than passively standing by and watching the destructive effect plastic is having on the environment and numerous species with which we cohabit the planet, SIGN UP and actively engage with us to fund research into the development of environmentally friendly alternatives to ensure a better future for the generations following.

Make sure that in the war against plastic, you can tell your children and grandchildren, you played your part.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

Support for your Business

  • Invitations to webinars involving keynote speakers
  • Invitations to roundtable events to debate and discuss the challenges industry face
  • Access to support from the University of Liverpool and other research establishments to help reduce your plastic footprint (subject to fees dependent upon extent of work required)
  • Assistance to future proof and make your business more profitable through innovation
  • Free advice on R&D tax credit schemes
  • Marketing support through being listed and promoted on our website
  • Networking and business development opportunities by engaging with like-minded businesses and individuals

Better Business Practice

  • Driving plastic reduction practices in line with national and regional environmental targets
  • Demonstrating your commitment to reducing your plastic footprint
  • Raising your business profile by becoming part of the driving force in plastic reduction
  • Committing to your Corporate Social Responsibility policy

Knowledge and Expertise

  • Access to themed expert workshops to help you to reduce your plastic footprint
  • Invitations to guest events when specialists will talk about the works they are doing in this field
  • Access to new and innovative solutions/ideas as they come onstream

Research and Consultancy

  • Access to cutting edge research facilities across the world
  • Access to consultancy support to help measure and drive down your plastic footprint
  • Research of new and innovative plastic free products
  • Access to a wide range of resources within the University of Liverpool to help support your specific requirements

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What is the cost of becoming a member of Changing Streams?

This is determined by turnover. Membership is open to individuals and companies. The current annual subscription figures are set out in the table below.

0 - £500k£250
£501k - £2.5m£750
£2.5m - £10m£1500
£10m - £25m£3000
£25m - £50m£5000
£50m +£7500

All prices subject to VAT

JOIN US today on our exciting journey to ensure that plastic is not the asbestos of the future.