Join us in our mission to reduce the use of plastic on a global scale


The manufacture and processing of plastic is carbon intensive. We need to address the link between plastic and achieving our net zero targets.

Plastic is everywhere. After packaging, the construction industry is the biggest polluter of our environment and our oceans in particular.

According to the latest reports the growth in plastic production is expected to triple by 2050. Waste is also a serious concern, as we generate circa 50,000 tonnes of plastic packaging waste each year in the UK construction sector alone.

Join us to improve the sustainable resilience of your company and reduce the destructive effect that plastic is having on the environment and numerous species with which we cohabit the planet, and actively engage with us.

Why Become a member of Changing Streams

Because, like us, you are aware of the damage plastic is doing to the planet and its wildlife and you want to play your part in reducing this damage. Because after packaging, the construction industry is the biggest culprit.

Sustainability, net zero carbon and plastic are inextricably linked. As a member of Changing Streams, we will help you to design & build in planet-friendly ways which use less plastic and carbon, thereby becoming more sustainably resilient.

Let us help you on your journey to achieve a reduction in your use of plastic

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

Support for your Business

  • Networking with like - minded members of various disciplines within the construction industry thereby raising your industry profile
  • Being part of a community with common values and a unified voice to influence policy makers and shape best practices
  • Increasing your company’s visibility by including the Changing Streams logo on your literature and having your company’s logo on our website
  • Reducing the cost of plastic and general waste disposal from construction sites
  • Reducing the amount of Plastic Tax that you may have to pay in line with current UK legislation
  • Your membership entitles you to attend our workshops, round table discussions, networking and speaker events designed to address plastic reduction by project / product /supply chain / and design giving you the opportunity to share your issues and explore remedies with other members

Better Business Practice

  • Driving plastic reduction practices in line with national and regional environmental targets
  • Evidencing your corporate social responsibility and receiving assistance from us in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals set out by the United Nations
  • Assisting your Directors to comply with their statutory duties under S172(1)(d) of the Companies Act 2006
  • Complying with the ever -increasing requirements of tendering processes to illustrate your commitment to the sustainability agenda
  • Signing up to our charter to assist you when tendering for work 

Research and Consultancy


By working with us and limiting your plastic usage, you should be able to increase your bottom-line profits and improve your competitive edge by: -

  • Unlocking Research and Development tax credits (up to 2 years retrospective catch up) to which you may be entitled – only 1% of construction-based SMEs currently submit R&D tax claims
  • Being kept informed about policy and regulation, alternatives to plastic usage, best practice case studies and latest sustainability issues by our specialist team
  • Through our partner company we can offer free advice and at your request give you preferential consultancy rates to address any specific issues you may have or perhaps to carry out a tailored audit of your plastic usage and advise ways that you can reduce it. The charge for this service will be agreed with you beforehand.

Interested in becoming a member?

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Why wouldn't you join Changing Streams?

We cannot think of a single reason.  It would be good to welcome you on board.

What is the cost of becoming a member of Changing Streams?

This is determined by turnover.  Membership is open to individuals and companies.  The current annual subscription figures are set out in the table below.

0 - £500k£250
£501k - £2.5m£750
£2.5m - £10m£1500
£10m - £25m£3000
£25m - £50m£5000
£50m +£7500

All prices subject to VAT

JOIN US today to improve the sustainable resilience of your company and reduce the destructive effect that plastic is having on the environment