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Are you a built environment professional who sees the need to fight the plastic pollution crisis? 

Join us in our mission to reduce the use of plastic on a global scale. 

The manufacture and processing of plastic is carbon intensive. We need to address the link between plastic and achieving our net zero targets.​

Plastic is everywhere. After packaging, the construction industry is the biggest consumer of plastic in the UK.

According to the latest reports the growth in plastic production is expected to triple by 2050. Waste is also a serious concern, as we generate circa 50,000 tonnes of plastic packaging waste each year in the UK construction sector alone.

Community goals: 

  • To build a community of forward-thinking companies and individuals, focused on reducing plastic and embodied carbon in design and construction.​​​​ 
  • To bring like-minded people together from across the world with a common mission.​​​​ 
  • To establish a community space  dedicated to the exchange of , ideas, sharing of interests, and mutual support and learning​. 

Why become a member? 

Join us to improve your company’s sustainable resilience and combat the critical impact of plastic on our environment and the species we share it with 

Enhance your sustainability standing, showcase  your corporate social responsibility and demonstrate your business is  working towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals ​ 

  • Assist your directors to comply with their statutory duties under  S172(1)(d) of the Companies Act 2006 ​ 
  • Comply with the ever-increasing requirements of tendering processes to illustrate your commitment to the sustainability agenda​ 
  • Grow your network and raise your profile in the industry as an environmentally conscious organisation​ 
  • Stay informed about policy and regulation, alternatives to plastic usage,  best practice case studies and the latest sustainability issues ​ 
  • Measure and reduce your plastic usage, including reducing the cost of plastic and general waste disposal from construction sites​ 
  • Demonstrate your commitment to purpose-driven operations to all  stakeholders  

By becoming a member, you will support Changing Streams in our ambitious, yet achievable goal to make lasting positive change in the construction industry. ​​ 

Achieving our goals with our membership community’s support will bring lasting benefits. Reducing plastic waste in construction positively affects oceans, wildlife, and our wider environment. 

Your support on this journey grants your organisation access to resources supporting you in your own sustainability transition. 

What are the benefits of becoming a member?



Access to Changing Steams extensive resource library​

A library of tools, templates and guides to support you on your plastic reduction journey


Access to the Changing Streams community forum​

A place to engage and share with your fellow community members


Regular ‘world of plastic news stream’ updates, keeping your knowledge and practices up to date​

A regular newsletter containing updates from across the sector, saving you research time


A curated list of relevant podcasts and vlogs​

An easy-to-access bank of useful audio and video content, saving you  time 


Quarterly virtual events with keynote speakers 

Online events attracting an audience from within and outside of the community, bringing insights from speakers in a variety of sectors


Roundtable discussions on topics identified and selected by members​

Knowledge-sharing and action-based conversations that directly help you


Monthly member virtual meetups​

An opportunity to share stories, challenges and knowledge with one another 


Access to cross-sector networking and collaboration opportunities​

Structured networking with individuals from a variety of sectors


‘Member spotlight’ shout outs on our media​

An image and post on our social media platforms to highlight your involvement in the community


Complementary attendance at relevant CPD sessions run or hosted by our members​

A free place for you on CPD sessions on a topic relating to plastic reduction in the built environment


Confirmation of signing up to our charter to assist you when tendering for work ​

A confirmation certificate and wording for you to use in procurement activities, demonstrating your commitment to reducing plastic in your work


Your business promoted on the Changing Streams website​

Your logo and organisation name will be listed in our member directory, with a backlink to your own website


Allocated complementary delegate places for our plastic reduction workshop series ​

A 3-part series designed to educate and inspire action around plastic reduction


Tailored signposting to relevant information and resources as needed via regular check-ins with our Community Manager​

Our Community Manager will work with you to understand your plastic-reduction journey and identify useful resources to help


Plastic reduction diagnostic and pilot project design consultancy​

We will work with you to design a pilot project you can run to reduce plastic use in your own organisation 


Opportunities to run or host facilitated CPD sessions to our members and wider network ​

If you have facilities you would like to offer to host events or an accredited CPD module you would like to run, we will coordinate an event and promote your brand to our networks


Joint case study and PR opportunities​

Where you have examples of successful projects or best practice we will support you to create case studies or PR pitches


Access to the use of Changing Streams Logo​

Provision of high resolution Changing Streams logo and approval to use on your website and other promotional material

Interested in becoming a member?

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Why wouldn't you join Changing Streams?

We cannot think of a single reason.  It would be good to welcome you on board.

What is the cost of becoming a member of Changing Streams?

Membership is open to individuals and companies.  The current annual subscription figures are set out in the table below.



  • Access to Changing Steams extensive resource library
  • Access to the Changing Streams community forum
  • Regular ‘world of plastic news stream’ updates, keeping your knowledge and practices up to date
  • Quarterly virtual events with keynote speakers
  • A curated list of relevant podcasts and vlogs
  • Roundtable discussions on topics identified and selected by members​
  • Monthly member discussions
  • Access to cross-sector networking and collaboration opportunities
  • Member spotlight’ shout outs on our media

£950 £475* per year


£95 £47.50* billed monthly

Join Us


  • All Streams benefits PLUS
  • Confirmation of signing up to our charter to assist you when tendering for work ​
  • Your business promoted on the Changing Streams website and social  media channels
  • Up to four complementary delegate places for our plastic audit workshop
  • Tailored signposting to relevant information and resources as needed via regular check-ins with our Community Manager
  • Plastic reduction diagnostic and pilot project design consultancy ‘lite’ package​

£2,950 £1,475* per year


£295 £147.50* billed monthly

Join Us


  • All Streams & River benefits PLUS
  • Up to an additional eight delegate places for an exclusive plastic audit workshop for your organisation (ie twelve places in total). ​
  • Access to the use of Changing Streams Logo
  • Joint case study and PR opportunities​
  • Opportunities to provide 2 supported CPD sessions to our members and wider network
  • Plastic reduction diagnostic and pilot project design consultancy ‘full’ package​

£7,450 £3,725* per year


£745 £372.50* billed monthly

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All prices subject to VAT
*We are currently offering a 50% discount until 31st May 2024 for founding members.


Can I join without being part of a business?

The Stream membership package is available to individuals that are not representing a business, public sector organisation or charity.​

Students and Academics have free access to the Streams membership.

Discounts are available for non-profit organisations and existing clients of Changing Streams' consulting services and will be agreed on a case-by-case basis.​

How long is the special offer available?

The first cohort of members will be ‘founding members’ who will be offered a 50% discount on the prices shown below. This discount will only be available until 31st May 2024.

These founding members will also have the opportunity to help shape the future development of the community benefits by requesting and suggesting new features.

How long does membership run for?

Membership is annual, to be paid once a year. A monthly payment plan is available for flexibility. If you pay annually, you will receive two months free membership.

Our Members

Changing Streams members all share the common goal of significantly reducing the amount of plastic they and their clients use.