A commitment to work together towards significantly reducing plastic in the construction industry globally

Our Story – Our Charter

The Changing Streams Charter sets out our mission and ambition. 

All companies who join our Membership Programme will be Charter members, and we will encourage you to share your progress with CS and the wider membership on your own progress to reducing plastic in the environment. 

  1. Changing Streams is a Community Interest Company in partnership with the University of Liverpool, committed to reduction of plastic in the construction industry.
  2. Changing Streams and associates believe that the continued use of plastic in construction leads to significant and long term damage to the ecosystem at all levels.
  3. Members and associates are expected to use their best endeavours to significantly reduce plastic in the construction industry, whether in design of the building, materials or packaging.
  4. Changing Streams will develop interactive tools to support contractors, architects and designers, surveyors and anyone involved with commissioning buildings to understand and identify the extent of plastics a component in building materials and in associated functions in the industry. Associated members will help support the formation of these tools and use them in their own work as and where possible.
  5. Changing Streams will actively research and support development and use of sustainable alternatives to current plastic components in building and will encourage dissemination of information about these. Associated members will help support this research as and where possible.
  6. The development of Changing Streams CIC and delivery of the key objectives will be supported through defined levels of membership, including Charter Founder Members and supporting organisations and individuals.