About Us

About Us

Changing Streams CIC was established in 2019 to tackle plastic pollution in industry. The construction sector was chosen as the first because after packaging, this industry is the largest user of plastics – generating over 50,000 tonnes of plastic packaging waste each year, and that is only in the UK!

Changing Streams acts as the bridge between academia and industry to drive and effect change and reduce our plastic footprint. Our team includes scientists, academics, and industry leaders who have significant knowledge and skills within the public and private sectors.

We understand industry has a need to respond to the green agenda and reduce their carbon and plastic footprint. However, very few organisations have the in-house skills to deliver on this through research and/or consultancy methods. Conversely, Universities and other research centres have the skills and knowledge to prove the science but have little experience in deploying this into industry.

By acting as the magic bridge, Changing Streams can make this happen to suit both the commercial requirements of a business and the research aims and objectives of the universities.

The growing focus on climate change and the Green Agenda is building and cannot be ignored.

Through education, research and consultancy, Changing Streams deliver a wide range of services by first, creating an awareness of the issues then, providing support where its needed most.

Against the backdrop of global carbon reduction strategies and targets, Changing Streams are bringing the plastic reduction strategy into sharp focus. It is our belief that carbon targets will not be achieved if plastic reduction is not part of that strategy. Plastic and carbon reduction programs need to be tackled equally.

We are developing a series of tools to assist the public and private sectors in driving change to support the global goals. This work continues and through discussion and collaboration.

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