Our mission at Changing Streams aims to help companies in the built environment design & build in planet-friendly ways which use less plastic and carbon, becoming more sustainably resilient. 

We recognise that sustainability is critical to the future of construction, people, and the environment we call home. One of the ways we support businesses to become more sustainable is by acting as trusted advisors or consultants in this field. Some of the many ways we can support your business are listed below. Contact us for an initial discovery meeting to discuss your requirements and interest. 

How we can help

  1. Process changes in partnership with your sustainability team to help adopt a bespoke model to reduce the plastic and carbon footprint of your business.
  2. Supply chain engagement to help all suppliers align with the company’s sustainability standards.
  3. Operational assessment, identifying where the risks and opportunities are and developing a strategy to address these. This would include the identification of any internal or external barriers.  
  4. Industry association-specific market research and reporting related to plastic in packaging, materials, and plastic waste.  
  5. Investigating ways to help future-proof companies by considering new and impending legislation around the built environment and defining ways to make businesses more resilient.  
  6. Developing educational and behavioural tools to reduce plastic and carbon footprint for internal or external use.  
  7. Bespoke coaching to strengthen the resilience of your sustainability leaders, equipping them with the skills needed to engage and empower others to drive change and achieve your sustainability goals. 

Over to you

Each consultancy project can be designed to suit your business’s specific needs, strengthening the resilience of your business and people as you work to achieve your sustainability targets. Contact us for an initial discovery meeting to discuss your requirements and interest.