Changing Streams top tips for plastic free July

As it’s Plastic-Free July Wendy – with the help of her grandchildren James and Zoe has come up with some tips on how to take part……….

  1. Take part in a beach clean
  2. Use wooden or metal picnic cutlery
  3. Use soap bar instead of hand wash or shower gel (could be 2 separate ones)
  4. Use bamboo toothbrushes (this could also be expanded to other types of brush!)
  5. Buy soap powder in cartons instead of liquid detergent or capsules in plastic tubs
  6. Use reusable water bottles
  7. Use your own cup for takeaway coffee or take a thermos with you.
  8. Avoid toothpaste or cosmetics with plastic bits in
  9. Make your own packed lunch instead of buying ready-made sandwiches
  10. Make your own bread
  11. Buy loose wrapped veg and fruit,
  12. Use your own bags for shopping
  13. Buy used clothes from the charity shop (or send your off casts to charity rather than binning them)
  14. Shampoo bar instead of bottles
  15. Buy pasta, rice etc from zero waste shop
  16. Use loose leaf tea instead of tea bags
  17. Use sheep wool insulation in buildings
  18. Wood floors instead of plastic
  19. Use mineral-based paint
  20. Buy wood furniture
  21. Wood window frames
  22. Woolly jumpers instead of fleece
  23. Litter pickers of reused plastic
  24. Pencils instead of plastic pens – with metal sharpeners!
  25. Use coffee beans instead of coffee pods
  26. Grow your own veg
  27. Use old milk or fruit containers to grow seeds instead of buying plastic flowerpots!
  28. Buy jam, mayonnaise etc in glass jars instead of plastic


You can also view this fantastic video for a short summary

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