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Changing Streams has developed an essential workshop programme to help companies get started on the quest for a plastic-free environment. We can deliver these online or at your workplace. 

How you and your teams will benefit

You and your team will learn about the impact that plastic is having on the environment, including on the ecosystem and on human health. You will be helped to start mapping plastic use in your own organisation and to identify a course of action to start reducing plastic use and waste.

Workshop Structure and Content

The workshop programme consists of a series of 3 x 2-hour interactive modules. Working in small groups your teams will strengthen their knowledge in understanding the problems associated with the current and future forecasts of the use of plastic. Together you will explore the environmental, social and economic impacts of a world dependent on plastic, as well as exploring positive solutions to effect change for good.

Addressing Plastic in the Construction Sector

In a survey undertaken by the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) the feedback of nearly 900 construction industry professionals was sought to understand attitudes around the issue of plastics and packaging pollution. 

95% of construction industry professionals said that the industry needs to reduce its consumption of plastics and packaging

Workshop – Reducing Plastic in the Construction Sector

Changing Streams has developed a workshop module to help companies and professionals within the construction sector to reduce their dependence on plastic and to develop practical sustainable alternatives.

An initial focus for Changing Streams is the Built Environment and working collaboratively with the A & D sector, the construction industry, manufacturers and the University of Liverpool will drive research and development into innovative new products, materials and ways to reduce the plastic content from the sector.

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