Call to Action for a Sustainable Construction Industry

The sheer resilience of the 900 sub-postmasters wrongly accused of theft and fraud has gripped the nation over the past few weeks provoking feelings of admiration for the staff and disgust at the injustice they experienced. 

It also served to remind us of the extraordinary power that ordinary people can wield when faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Imagine channelling that collective strength towards combating the urgent climate crisis, particularly reducing plastic pollution which is wreaking havoc on the environment and which I witnessed first-hand a few years ago when I travelled to the Arctic and returned to the UK to set up Changing Streams CIC.

So what are we about? Well, we’re forging a community uniting diverse minds and skills, igniting conversations, collaborations, and innovations that transcend boundaries. Picture a space where magic unfolds, sparking partnerships and unleashing the potential for impactful change. 

Our mission: to challenge the status quo and ponder the limitless possibilities of reducing our plastic footprint.

From revolutionary material innovations to behavioural shifts and cutting-edge research, our community knows no bounds. 

As we prepare to unveil a new membership model, we invite you to be a part of this transformative journey. Will you join us in reshaping the narrative, envisioning a world where commitment to change echoes louder than the clatter of plastic?

You’ll be in good company, The University of Liverpool, Peel L&P, Liverpool John Moores University, Anwyl Group, Castle Green Homes, and Liverpool Combined Authority to name a few.

Abraham Mawdsley Maxwell July 2023

Ready to be a driving force for change in the construction industry? Join Changing Streams now and become a part of our vibrant community committed to reducing plastic use and building a sustainable future. Embrace the challenge, amplify your voice, and gain access to a wealth of knowledge.

Let’s together transform the construction landscape, innovate for change, and build a greener, more sustainable industry. Your actions matter—start making a difference today!

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