Dr Stephen Finnegan Joins Changing Streams

Changing Streams have made another valuable addition to its team with the arrival of Dr Stephen Finnegan.

Changing Streams works with industry leaders to decrease the prevalence of plastic usage in packaging and materials for the construction sector. The ongoing global climate crisis is becoming increasingly concerning, so if we want our world to be safer for future generations, we have to take action now.

Changing Streams is a partnership alongside the University of Liverpool that will make the world a cleaner and greener place. The construction industry is our first port of call due to the significant role it plays for the country’s economy, but also because of how its business practices would previously rely greatly on the use of plastic materials. By setting out advisory steps now, the hope is to avoid and reduce plastic usage while simultaneously developing new, safer materials that can replace plastic for primary and secondary products.

But in order for this to be achieved, we require the very best locally-based professionals to use their expertise and their credibility to initiate the change that we are seeking for the greater good. That’s why we are proud to have Dr Stephen Finnegan as a part of this exciting project.

Dr Stephen Finnegan
Dr Stephen Finnegan

Dr Finnegan is the director of the Zero Carbon Research Institute (ZCRI), a multidisciplinary research and consultancy group that works in partnership with the University of Liverpool. The aim of the ZCRI is to work with industry and help achieve the UK Government 2050 Net Zero Carbon (NZC) buildings target. Thus, providing a much more environmentally-sustainable business model for employees in the decades to come. There are already a large number of key organisations across the city serving as industrial partners and collaborators to this cause. In his main role at the University of Liverpool, Dr Finnegan acts as a lecturer in Sustainable Architecture, supervises 10 PhD students and is actively involved in creating high impact publications.  

In addition, Dr Finnegan brings more than 25 years of top-level experience for sustainability within construction and operation. His portfolio includes industry leaders such as KPMG LLP, EY, Ricardo, Arup and the European Commission. Dr Finnegan’s current work focuses heavily on investigating life sustainability and the financial repercussions of individual projects, buildings, events, cities and masterplans. He has also recently published a Taylor and Francis book called New Financial Strategies for Sustainable Buildings. This is in addition to his previously-published academic works on sustainable design, embodied carbon impact and lifecycle planning and operation.

As a forward-thinking individual with tremendous knowledge of the subject matter, vast experience of presenting his research work in America, India and across Europe, and with a clear desire to make the world a better place, Dr Finnegan is a perfect fit for the Changing Streams team.

Dr Finnegan commented: “As we move towards a 2050 Net Zero Carbon (NZC) future, we need to consider if achieving NZC will also result in Net Zero Plastics (NZP). My concern is that it won’t, and therefore much more research would be needed into the full life cycle of products from both a carbon and plastics perspective. It is a pleasure to be working in collaboration with Changing Streams to address this problem.”

Changing Streams is always communicating with companies and individuals who want to contribute in a positive manner. Our website provides further details about how to get involved by joining as a member or by donating your own money towards the research that we’re able to conduct as part of our vision for the future.

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