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Neal Maxwell


I’ve spent over 30 years in the Fit out industry and have seen a number of seismic changes in my working environment and of course, in society. But one event took place in 2018 which dwarves the rest and it’s one that I certainly wasn’t prepared for.

My trip to the Arctic was a memorable experience but nothing had prepared me for what was to come and how this event really did change my life.

During the expedition I came face to face with the downstream effects of plastic pollution and global warming. I saw life in its harshest form and learnt from the many scientists and experts through a series of lectures which would take place each evening following the day’s activity.

As a result of this experience I have found it difficult to adapt to ‘normal life’. People say I’ve had an epiphany and that may well be true but one thing is for sure, my life will never be the same again

My focus is now well and truly directed on the environment and ways in which I can make a difference in the industry where I’ve spent most of my working life.

I am doing this in two parts.

Firstly, I have redoubled our efforts at Aztec to ensure we are doing as much as possible to reduce our environmental impact, minimise waste and recycle – across all aspects of the business.
This work will continue as we educate our staff and clients in the crucial role we all have to play if we’re not going to destroy this amazing planet and the creatures we share it with.

The second part is through a new organisation I have established with support from the University of Liverpool called `Changing Streams CIC`. We are a ‘not for profit’ organisation focused on eradicating plastics at source, in the first instance within the construction sector. Our aims and objectives can be seen on our new website.

By reducing the amount of plastic being used we can and will make a positive impact in reducing waste going to landfill or worse still, into the ocean.

The rest of our team

Prof Jonathan Sharples

Co Founder & Head of Oceanography

I have been researching the ocean for the past 30 years, studying how ocean physics (tides, weather, ocean currents) affects the growth and distribution...

Dr Gareth Abrahams

Co Founder & Head of Building Design Research

Before becoming an academic I worked for over 10 years as a senior project architect designing and delivered a number of prestigious projects across...

Brendon Kenny

Co Founder & Head of Engagement

I am passionate about the environment and believe business should create profit with purpose. I have over 35 years of Business experience at Senior...

Kris Tisdale


I am fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to see much of the world and whilst travelling I have seen first-hand the devastating...

Terry Cheesman

Finance Director

I haven’t always been a specialist tax accountant.  In my mid twenties I was a member of Friends of the Earth, worked in forestry...

Dr Wendy Jones

Company Secretary

I am a scientist with many years experience of business development on both sides of the academic-industry interface.  I have lived and worked in...

John Hall

Head of Memberships

I am a qualified solicitor having been a partner in the commercial law firm of Bermans for 35 years. I then became CEO of...

Prof Ric Williams

Climate Adviser to Changing Streams and co-chair of the Climate Futures Research Challenge

I have been researching how the ocean affects the climate system, addressing the reasons why climate models show a large spread in how much...

Dr Stephen Finnegan

Advisor to Changing Streams on carbon reduction and founder of the Zero Carbon Research institute

Dr Stephen Finnegan acts as the Director of the ZCRI and investigates the whole life sustainability and financial implications of creating individual projects, buildings,...

Dr Luigi Di Sarno

Sustainable Materials and Infrastructure Specialist

I am a Senior Lecturer in Structural Design in the School of Engineering, University of Liverpool. I have more than two decades of experience...

Dr Adeayo Sotayo

Sustainable Engineering and Material Design Specialist

I am an Engineer, Research Fellow and Course Instructor based in the UK. I have previously worked at Lancaster University, University of Liverpool and...

Rob Capleton

Industrial Relations Manager

I am the Industry Relations Manager on the Low Carbon Eco-Innovatory programme at the University of Liverpool, who offer ambitious business owners unique academic...

Mick Ord

Public Relations

I am the former manager of  one of the BBC's most successful radio stations BBC Radio Merseyside where I started as a reporter in...

Leo Aspden

Coaching and Training Adviser

As an award-winning high growth business consultant and executive/leadership coach, I have more than 30 years experience of working with business leaders, executives, and...

Amanda Keetley


I am a professionally qualified Marketing expert with over 20 years' experience, specialising in strategy and communications.I founded Less Plastic in 2015 to raise...